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Grant Research
Letter of Intent
Grant Consulting
Grant Proposal Review
Rewrite Existing Grant Proposal
Write New Grant Proposal
Write Press Releases
Design & Write Brochures

We do not begin work until your organization signs a contract

We charge an initial fee, which is nonrefundable for initial grant research, and development options. You know what the total cost will be before we begin.

We charge an hourly rate typically and require a deposit. We will provide a written estimate before starting your project.

Digital photo services


Marge signing books at Barnes & Noble.

Early Santa Ana, Arcadia Publishing, 2006, Author Marge Bitetti, Guy Ball and the Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society

Norco, Images of America Series Arcadia Publishing, 2005, Author Marge Bitetti

Writing and Editing Services


Personal history tells the story of a person and their family traditions in words and images. A Personal historian helps people to record and capture stories about their lives. There is no greater gift that we can give our loved ones than the stories of our lives. Formats: include Oral Histories, Printed Works- transcript of an interview, a narrative story saved in as a printed family document or book, Ethical Wills and Final Tribute Memorials.
All life journeys are unique. No matter how "ordinary" a life may seem descendents and others will be inspired by the "extraordinary" stories. Capture your life or the life of someone you love by writing down the personal history.

Company & Corporate History Service
Company histories are used to tell the story and history of a company its leaders, products and employees.

Marge Bitetti - Marge Bitetti, Inc.
Most people imagine that writers simply sit down at a computer, touch a few keys, words magically fill the screen and a book or other document is created like waving a magic wand. Writing involves a lot more than just creating words. Like any other business, a writing service involves networking, marketing, sales, accounting and customer satisfaction. Instead of having one boss telling us what to do we have many bosses to please. Our primary boss is the client, either a business, non-profit or publication. Our main goal is to accomplish what our client is willing to pay us to do.

Family Stories, Writing, Editing, ResearchTechnical Writing Services, Manuals, Ghost Services, etc...

We have the know-how for editing and proofreading scientific/​technical documents in engineering, medical and related fields. We are able to meet deadlines and work on several different projects concurrently. We are experts in MS Word and Excel, and Adobe Photoshop. We have excellent editing, proofreading, writing, grammar, and communication skills. We are able to communicate technical information in a manner easy to understand and still keep the integrity of the document.

We are able to work cooperatively with your team environment.
Typically selecting one contact person to represent your organization and not a committee expedites deadline requirements.

Need a little help?

Most companies can profit by outsourcing some of their documentation needs. Bitetti & Associates is a Professional Writing Outsource Company. We have provided services to meet our customer's requirements since 1985. Our talents have been used by a wide cross-section of industries. A few of our services that might complement your needs include:

*Personal Histories
*Technical Writing * Company Profiles
*Technical Illustrations * Technical Editing
*Editing * Company Profiles
*Internet Research * Business Newsletters
*Work Instructions * Ghost Writing
*Manuals * Digital Photography

We are located in Corona and have a vast background of skills and talents that can assist your current and future needs. Here is brief background of our principles

President, Marge Bitetti, has a Masters Degree in Business Management and is skilled an accomplished author, non-fiction writer, and marketing professional. She has been hired by publishers to write four non-fiction books and has also assisted others by ghost writing for individuals and companies. She provides vision and insight to projects combined with excellent writing skills. She is also an accomplished public speaker.

Tony Bitetti, VP of Operations is an accomplished technical writer and editor. He knows how to create documentation that fit the needs of the user and edit or modify documentation to make the words easier to understand, while maintaining the original content, purpose, and integrity of the document. He is a word-smith who can also create illustrations and schematics, as well as create documents that meet ISO requirements.

In over 20 years of service, we have never missed a deadline. Your time and requirements are important to us. We look forward to assisting you with any future needs that you might envision. Thank you for allowing us to present this information to you. We would welcome the opportunity to visit with you and discuss our services and how we could assist you. Our business is making your business more successful.